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Eagles Kick-off Season with Conditioning Drills

August 5th, 2008 · No Comments

Hallelujah… the football season is no longer just around the corner, it’s here folks… in all of it’s splendid glory!  The 2008 Mighty Might Eagles took the field as a unit for the very first time last night to begin the requisite pre-conditioning routine.  I have to admit, I was impressed with the kids as they seemed to be a little ahead of the curve in terms of coordination and how quickly they adapted to what they were being asked to do.  I was expecting a lot more “Fred Astaire” routines as the coaches ran the boys thru agility drill after agility drill.

Also of note… they actually executed the E-A-G-L-E-S… EAGLES chant flawlessly at the end of practice.  If you weren’t there last year or didn’t see the year-end DVD… the first Eagles chant actually made the blooper reel as the boys more or less couldn’t buy a vowel on their first attempt.  And while I hesitate to use the word “cute” in a football context… that was just plain “cute”.

It was also great to see some of the folks that we haven’t seen all that often since last season and to welcome some new people to the Eagles family.  It’s also pretty cool that the whole Eagles Club is practicing on the same field together.  It really gives you a sense of community and togetherness that last year’s practice setup couldn’t provide.  It also gave us the opportunity to keep an eye on some of the older players from last year’s team that have moved up into the Jr. Peewee ranks.  I was able to catch Maison Ardans, Sam Oram, and Brad Beaver as they huffed and puffed there way around practice off in the distance last night.  It will be fun to watch their season progresses and unfold.

As far as the site goes, Ryan Ingram and I have some cool stuff cooked up for the upcoming season.  And while our emphasis will be on the Mighty Might team (since our sons play in that division), we have also invited anyone who is interested to post commentary and pictures to the blog that might have a son participating in the Jr. PeeWee or PeeWee divisions.  Some have already expressed interest in this, and I’d be happy to train anyone who wants to participate.  Contributing to the website is just as easy as using email, so don’t let that hold you back if you’re interested.  I’ll also try to post updates on the older Eagles teams as the regular season starts. It would be great to get some more insight from those of you who follow the other Eagles teams more closely than cicumstances allow for Ryan and I.

Side Note… we’d like to acknowledge and welcome Del Caron to the Eagles coaching family.  Your sharp wit and general well-being will be missed in the peanut gallery this year.  Don’t worry though… Ryan and I have already begun to gather some footage of your undeniable coaching prowess to include in future “Roast the Coach” sessions. Nice form on those crossing routes Del… Vinny Testeverde could scarcely hold a candle…

Well that’t it for now folks… stay tuned for your next practice update.  And as always… GO EAGLES!!

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