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Can a Brutha Get a Pancake?

August 1st, 2008 · 4 Comments

In case you haven’t heard… the Eagles will be gathering for a preseason event at the Roy Rogers Equestrian Ranch on Saturday, August 2nd at 9am.  I lost the email, so I don’t have all the particulars, but I was able to catch the “pancake” part.  The gathering will give the boys a chance to get to know each other and the coaches a little better before the season starts.  Oh and bring your bathing suits if you want to go swimming.  Should be a blast!  Looking forward to catching up with you all at the party.

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  • 1 Jamily // Apr 11, 2014 at 10:10 am

    I wanted to bveiele but Mcnabb is so different from other winners. He wants to have fun, they want to win! He was smiling and goofing while kurt was cussing and fighting to win! Its about intensity and drive and mcnabb lacks some of both.

  • 2 Pjd // Feb 18, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    I hate this notion that Philly fans tertaed him bad. That is baloney! Absolute baloney. He was a hyper sensitive guy who failed to connect with the fans. He won a lot of games, but he lost just as many big games and often came up small in big spots. It is what it is-the town will only tolerate “almost” for so long. Once the Phils made the commitment to winning, it put a lot of heat on the other side of Broad and unfortunately, it all starts with the trigger man. They talk about gold standard and they’ve been a lesser metal at best. The front office drew a huge target on Don and fans associated him with the continued failures of this team.Are we awful fans for being upset when he lobs balls at people’s feet, or laughs off a crucial mistake at a core juncture of the game, or fails to audible in his entire tenure, or claims he needs weapons and then gets them only to put up goose eggs vs. a hated division rival two weeks in a row to end the season, or the fact that he likes to wear the woe is me mantle at all times? The guy was a good player, probably the best QB we have ever had, but it was time to move on for him and for those of us tired of riding the same merry go round year after year. No hard feelings, I hope he does OK in DC, but I need to see something different after at least the past 5 years of the same.Now this move is very curious. How do you trade him to a divisional rival where you’ll see him twice a year? Either there was no market for him or the Birds thought so little of him that they broke an unspoken cardinal rule. i will say this, I have a great friend who is a Skins fan and she and everyone she knows is furious about this. They have long viewed him as vastly over-rated and now they’re stuck with his baggage vs. going young with a Bradford. McNabb is no mentor, so if the Skins took him to mentor Bradford, bad move.I can’t wait to hear everyone echo the “we didn’t know how good we had it” you posited. I knew exactly what we had-a decent QB who struggled in big spots and was never going to take us over the top. Maybe Kolb won’t either, but I couldn’t subscribe to the insanity of bringing him back and doing the same thing again next year.Bumble

  • 3 Anwar // Mar 26, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    I think that we have all been begging McNabb to give up the idea of being a pure pcoket passer. It’s always been my opinion that if you have the ability to run with the ball as a QB, then you are blessed with a skill that many wish that they had. McNabb does not have to run like he did from 1999-2001 when he was one of the team’s leading rushers if not the leading man, but he does need to take advantage of it if he can.

  • 4 Muhammad // Apr 5, 2015 at 9:19 am

    Unfortunately, it is worse that 2002,2003,2004. (I’m writing this at Halftime) It’s worse beaucse Reid and company will again be able to say that we got so close, so we don’t have to make any major changes, and next season will be the same!

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