San Tan Youth Football League Eagles

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Welcome to the Birds Nest… home of the San Tan Youth Football Leagues Mighty Might Eagles. This site is dedicated to the players, coaches, family members and fans who follow the Eagles. The site will be updated regularly during the season and will continue to exist indefinitely. Man it’s going to be fun to look back at this over the years as the boys grow up to become young men.

The site will contain pictures from practice, games and parties and will feature a video section as well with game highlights. I hope to keep this up season after season as the boys move from Mighty Might to Jr. Pee Wee to Pee Wee status. If your son moves up to a division before Drew does (2009), I’d be happy to provide access to anyone interested in providing commentary, photos, videos, etc. for the Jr. Pee Wee or Pee Wee Eagles in the years to come.

I know Coach Gene, Coach Beaver, and Coach Romel are moving to the Jr. Pee Wee Division next year, so email me at ajball at gmail dot com if interested in carrying the torch next season. My training fees are merely 12 brown bottles of barley and hops. 🙂