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Eagles Check into Heartbreak Hotel as Special Forces Prevail in Double OT

September 19th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Well the title of the story is kind of a giveaway, isn’t it?  I’ve gotta be honest here… this article is going to be a bit of a struggle, but there were several silver linings in the Eagles 18-12 double overtime loss to the Special Forces.  That said, I thought I’d change up the format here a bit and talk less about the actual game and more about the game within the game.

Folks… if you thought last week’s overtime win over the Cardinals was exciting, then this game was straight up “off the damn chain”.  24 young men left it on the field last Saturday and fell just inches short of their objective.  Thing is… they may have lost that game on the scoreboard, but they won on so many other levels that the outcome really doesn’t matter.

Much like our Eagles, the Special Forces are a well coached, well oiled football factory. They brought their “A Game” Saturday, and if weren’t for a nickle here and a dime there, the pendulum could have easily swung in the Eagles direction.

Standing on the sidelines, I was close enough to the action to witness how resilient this young group of men really is.  It was hot… “Wicked Hawt” as they say in Boston… on that football field last Saturday afternoon and it was a hard hitting, “oh yeah, well take that” kind of game.  Several players came off the off the field during the course of the game due to injury and/or exhaustion. It was a battle, a “Donny Brook”, and a “Backyard Brawl” all wrapped into one! And our kids didn’t back down on iota.

Regardless of their role in the game, from the sideline to the huddle, our kids showed tremendous moxy and mettle throughout the game.  My personal favorite was watching the kids on the sideline who didn’t play as much rally around their teammates and encourage them to keep pushing and keep punching back. It was one solid unified unit… a team’s team if you will.  I personally couldn’t have been prouder.

The first half featured a TD run by Anthony Saba on a reverse and an interception by Parker “Turbo” Holland.  Two special plays that stood out to me.  The Defense was stout throughout and the Special Forces really couldn’t get anything going offensively.  Most of the first half was played on the Special Forces side of the field.  We took it to them.
Galloway, Ardans, Saba, Beaver, Holland, Wright, Eager, Kassa, Harris, Danielson, Arvay, etc… were electric on D.  Total team effort.  The “D” was up to no good again and the offense was moving the ball as the first half drew to a close with the Eagles leading 6-0 and winning the field position battle. Plus, we were receiving the second half kickoff.  Life was good.

The guys lined up to receive the second half kickoff and the Special Forces covertly aligned their kickoff team for a stealthy onside kick.  Great call by the Forces as the Eagles were not prepared for the play and the Forces recovered near midfield.  The Black “D” took the field and faced a fired up Special Forces offensive unit that had it’s best field postion of the game.  The Eagles held the lead, but the momentum shift was undeniable.  The Forces offense was ready to rumble, but the Eagles “D” let out a collective “Ahhhh HELLLL No…” and thwarted the drive regaining possession of the ball.

The second half was more or less a repeat of the first half with the teams trading possessions.  However, this time the field position battle was tilting in the Special FOrces direction. Exhausted and weary, but not about to quit, both teams continued to pound on each other as time was winding down in the fourth quarter.

In what appeared to be a do or die proposition for the Special Forces, their offense took the field for what appeared to be their last possession/last chance to tie the ballgame or take the lead.  To their credit, they were able to punch the ball in on a nice counter play to the weakside as the Eagles stacked the strong side expecting the Forces to run the triple option set they had been running all game.  It was a nice piece of play calling by the Forces.  Clutch play no doubt with a critical extra point conversion upcoming.

Showing the heart of a lion… the Eagles “D” strung out the extra point attempt and kept the score knotted at 6 apiece. The Birds had a chance to run a few plays, but simply had too much green between themselves and the goal line to snatch the win in regulation.

Just like last week, the Eagles began the overtime period with the ball.  Parker Holland wasted no time finding the corner of the endzone on a sweet run around the right edge for the go ahead score.  The extra point was no good, but the Eagles were literally four downs from paydirt.  The Forces weren’t finished though as they found the endzone on their first possession as well.  Here we go again… critical extra point…. Forces convert and game over… miss it and we’re headed to double OT.  12-12, Double OT it is…

The Eagles gave it everything they had, but got themselves in a deep whole on two plays that ended up in big losses to begin the second overtime. The Special Forces would again possess the ball, only this time a score would equal victory.  The Eagles stuffed the first run attempt, but on second down the Special Forces found an open man in the endzone for the game winning TD.

After the game, Coach Beaver addressed the kids who were visibly upset with the outcome of the game. As the assistant coaches and loved ones looked on, Jason used the opportunity to acknowledge the herculean effort the boys had left out on the field that day and to encourage the boys to keep their chins up. Truth be told… there were no losers on that field today.  Just our little warriors who absolutely gave it everything they had and fell a bit short.  It’s a long season fellas… we’ll get another shot at these guys down the road.  Bring on the Six Shooters… 10:30am Saturday 9/26 at Queen Creek Middle School.

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